2021 Future Cities; Livable Futures: Water and Human Settlements


Date: The conference has been postponed. More info coming soon.

Over half the world now lives in cities and by 2050 the urban population is estimated to reach 6.25 billion with nearly 95% of urban growth expected to take place in the developing world. As urban growth increases the demand for freshwater, it also negatively impacts freshwater, sanitation, and stormwater systems. In addition, the effects of climate change, as droughts and floods, will intensify the water challenge for settlements and communities . Under these circumstances achieving equitable, sustainable, and efficient urban water systems and services demands innovative, inclusive, intersectoral, and international collaboration. Designing and planning for urban climate resilience and sufficient water supplies depends upon culturally appropriate socio-technical solutions that are alert to political obstacles, attentive of social biases, and responsive to economic inequities.


Adrian Parr

College of Design
Senior Fellow
Design Futures Council
University of Oregon
Affiliate Faculty
University of Texas at Arlington

Michael Zaretsky, AIA

Head, Department of Architecture
Interim Director
School of Architecture and Environment
University of Oregon